Nobel Dahal

Nobel Dahal Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer located in Gaurighat, Kathmandu, Nepal. I work with contemprorary web technologies to produce fast, responsive, and user friendly websites and web applications. I love keeping scalibility at hand when approaching architecture. I consider myself a jack of all trades. Currently in a mission to becoming the best version of myself, I like keeping myself busy reading when I'm not infront of a screen.


Address Gaurighat, Kathmandu, Ktm 44600


  • C++
  • Git
  • HTML5/JS
  • Gulp
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Python

Full Stack Development

Jquery, Laravel, Python, PHP7.4, SQL, GulpJS/Webpack/GruntJS, HTML5/CSS3.

Backend Development

PHP, C++, SQL, Oauth2, REST/SOAP, Frappe, Laravel, Docker, TravisCI, PHPUnit.

Frontend Development

HTML, CSS3, SCSS, Jquery, Bootstrap, GulpJS/Webpack/GruntJs, Visual C++11, Javascript.

Consulting & SEO Audit

Google Analytics, Search Console, SEO monitoring, auditing, consult. Get #1 spot in google.

Gurkha Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Laravel Full Stack Developer

July, 2019 — November, 2019

Working in a fast paced nepalese web agency, I was tasked with quickly adapting to existing code, then deliver on feature requests, debugging, as well as fulfilling technical debts. Developed solution driven, user-friendly software products including websites, Progressive Web Applications(PWAs).

I was also involved in helping self-audit software quality, developing automated solutions to reduce manual data entry, as well as helping contribute in technical documentation, business proposals, and user manuals. I worked closely with Senior Engineers and Managers to help deliver solution that have lasting impact on company's clients. At times, I was involved in auditing, extracting then reporting on SEO data, as well as finding time to jot down developer blogs at the company's blog section.

Whilst I did a majority of the projects there in Laravel, I was involved in developing Facebook instant quiz app that let its players check their trivia knowledge.

Sasoft Enterprises Private Limited

Laravel Backend Intern

June 2019 - July 2019

Backend Intern for Sasoft Private Limited, Nepal, for their upcoming Student Management System(SMS). I mostly worked with contemprorary Backend development tools(PHPstorm, Git SVC, Postman unit testing), to be able to make api endpoints with proper validation, integrity as well as consistency, in Laravel. It was mostly about adapting to code which was already present, and be able to extensively unit test, refactor, program and finish it as a well-polished product.

I got to learn a lot here, especially how paramount Database Integrity is, and how important it is to take fail safe measures, as well as be able to meet deadlines as well as collaborate with a team. I mainly collaborated with Front end devs in order to produce well behaving API endpoints.

The Open Institute

Python Fullstack intern

November 2018 - February 2019

Got to work in an excellent open source environment, on projects like Zulip and ERPNext. Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, you name it, the full stack deal. The sheer amount of tech used in these projects is mind boggling, but exciting at the same time. Robust, scalable and fast; I helped contribute for Facebook Oauth2 as well as some small feature requests for ERPnext.

Mega Cat Studios

Map Designer

January 2018 - July 2018

Helped designed maps for Independent Game Company Mega Cat Studios, for the game "In Cod We Trust". I mainly designed, mapped as well as molded the game assets into playable maps, specifically the json format ones which the game system reads for rendering the play area. It was a tough endeavor, close to 4 hours per map were spent, on personally hand crafting the maps! Expect the game to release soon on Mega Cat Studios's website for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

Himalaya College of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

2014 — 2018

My Alma Mater, this is where I received my formal education in the nuances of Computer Engineering.

Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School

Physical Science Stream

2012 - 2014

Graduated First Division with distinction.

Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute

School Leaving Certificate

Jan, 2005 — May, 2009

Graduated First Division with distinction.